Show your City Council how important the bike plan is to you, join us at the upcoming Council meetings, and write a support email to them!

It’s easy…The South Bay Bicycle Master Plan is a plan to help improve our communities; it is an effort that has been shaped by your inputs and comments and now needs your help to get approved.  This means emailing your city council, showing up to city council meetings, and asking your friends, volunteer groups, and colleagues to do the same.

This page will provide info and resources to aid in your efforts to spread the word and push the plan to “Approval” this fall with the seven participating cities.

Help us Pass The Plan!

City Council Contacts

Click on each link below to email your city council.   Simply copy and paste the sample support letter (below) into an email and please cc!

El Segundo  Gardena  Hermosa Beach   Lawndale

Manhattan Beach  Redondo Beach    Torrance

Support Letter Templates

Now that you know who you need to talk to but you want some help with the what: so to help you out here are two letter templates.  The first is for individuals and the second is for groups or organizations which want to voice support for the SB Bicycle Master Plan.  Please remember to cc when emailing your support letter!

Honorable Mayor and City Council Members,

I understand that you have an opportunity to review the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan at an upcoming meeting. I am writing to strongly urge you to support the approval of this plan in its entirety. The plan addresses the safety, environmental and connectivity issues our city so greatly needs and reflects the community’s desires. I also am aware that approval of this plan will open up the City to additional funding, which seems imperative in these trying times.

My friends, family, and colleagues all look forward to using the proposed new bikeways in our daily errands, commutes, and for fun in the years to come.  I look forward to safer streets for our children, active commuting, and for a casual ride.   I am excited to see that our city has joined six other cities in this endeavor and am proud to be part of a community that is taking a necessary step forward. I hope that we can be an example to the other six communities by demonstrating enthusiasm and support for this unique and important effort!


[Your Name]

For those ambitious bike heroes out there that might get their employer, volunteer group, or fellow board members to submit an organizational letter of support, please use the template at the link below and drop it on to your organization’s letterhead.  Email the letter directly to .

Sample Group Support Letter 

South Bay Bicycle Master Plan Fact Sheet

Help spread the word to your friends, organizations, schools, bike clubs, and anyone else you can think of.  Use the Bike Plan Fact Sheet below as a simple summary of the plan, its purpose, and some compelling benefits of seeing it successful in your city!  Post it on Facebook, email it to your friends or print it out and pass it around!

SBBMP Fact Sheet