• Hello! I don’t know how I managed to miss you folks, but I just found you via Twitter and I’m happy to know you’re out there! I’m going to add a link to your group to our list of local advocacy groups at https://calbike.org/resources.htm#locals. I’d also like to start sending you our monthly e-newsletter. Could you send me a name and email address for our list? By all means please add my name and info to yours.

    Safe journeys!

    Jim Brown
    Communication Director
    California Bicycle Coalition

    • Hi Jim,

      Well we are relatively young in the broad scheme of things (as an organization we’re only ~ 1 year old now but we’ve got an aggressive agenda on the platter). Thanks for finding us and adding us to your list of groups – will gladly reciprocate on our site as well.

      For the monthly e-newsletter, you can use me as the contact. Info is:

      Steve Montalto

      Will gladly add you to our list as well.

      Am looking forward to spreading and strengthening the bike advocacy network throughout our state and region!

      Hope your enjoying a Happy Thanksgiving!


      Steve Montalto
      Board Member, South Bay Bicycle Coalition


    In a May 12.2011 El Segundo Herald article, reporter Brian Simon stated that part of a ‘data analysis’ reported there were 15 bike accidents in 3 years in ES>I looked all over the South Bay Bicycle Coalition website to see if I could find a link tot his “data analysis’, but was unable to find one.
    1.) Is there a link or website for this report
    2.) What were the specifics of these accidents, so readers can judge the import of their inclusion as basis for concern?: age of rider; location; severity of injury; any other vehicles involved (auto or other bike)

    This data would be very important in reviewing the gravity of accidents in evolving a bike plan for a small town like ES.

    I also saw on the website that at some time in the past, ES Recreation Park employees were stationed around the City to monitor bike usage. However, the details of this ‘study’ were not found. Where is the full data report of times, places, count details, etc. to be found for analysis by ES citizens?

    How many hours of City employee work were used, and what was the payroll and benefits costs for these employees time on this study?

    Citizens of ES have operated bikes here for about 100 years with only minimal outsider or administrative interference or guidance.

    Bob Siegel 310.991-2549

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