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  • Hello, I’ve been reading about the debate over how to remove the Manhattan Beach bike lane on Orient Blvd. I was hoping to get some prespective on how the cycling community feels about its proposed removal.

    -What does the cycling community in South Bay think about the debate over how to remove the Oriental Blvd bike lane?

    -Does the cycling community want/use this bike lane?

    -What problems does this bike lane cause vs what benefits come from having this bike lane where it is?

    -Is Orient Blvd a dangerous/busy road?

    -What does the cycling community think the two organizations ( Manhattan Beach Community Group and Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association) should go about requesting Department of Transportation remove this bike lane.

    -What are some of the reasons that Department of Transportation would not want to remove the bike lane?

    Thank you,

    Kirsten Frattini

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