Board of Directors

Jim Hannon

Jim Hannon is a retired aerospace manager (45 yrs), certified USA, Level 2 Expert Cycling Coach, founder of the Beach Cities Cycling Club (BCCClub), and proud Board Member of the South Bay Bicycling Coalition.  Jim is VERY motivated to make cyclists safer through advocacy, education and improved bike routes/paths in the South Bay, and beyond.  Jim is an avid cyclist himself and has trained hundreds of new and veteran cyclists to improve their skills, become safer and to prepare them for a long distance (100 mile+) rides.  Jim has coached for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, MS, Best Buddies and BCCClub cycling program. Jim is very passionate about his family and anything to do with cycling!


Charlene Dipaola

Charlene joined the board in 2013. Since then, she has been responsible for the yearly fundraising event and all the marketing initiatives.  She brings with her +10 year experience in digital marketing and analytics. Charlene has worked with analytics and growth initiatives for numerous large scale media properties such as Spin Media (Spin Magazine, Vibe, Stereogum), Tribune (LATimes, Chicago Tribune), NBC News and Washington Post. She is currently incubating her own on-demand dance workout company and teaching Digital Analytics at UCLA.


Bill Hory

Bill has been a Manhattan Beach resident for fifteen years where he and his wife have three children all attending MBUSD schools.  For the past seventeen years, Bill has worked for Arnco directing multiple business groups for its domestic and international markets.  Bill has also has had or currently has leadership roles with the Manhattan Beach Mayors Youth Council, PTA Legislative Representative, and Leadership Manhattan Beach.  While not a serious bike rider, Bill looks forward to the day when he can ride his bike with his family along safer bike lanes throughout our beach cities.


Michael Don

Mike became the Coalition Director for the SBBC in June of 2012.  Mike has been a career finance and operations executive with experience in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and services industries.  Over the years Mike has been involved in a variety of non-profit groups serving in volunteer leadership and service roles.  Mike is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but escaped to the West Coast when he was 17 years old.  Since that time, he has spent 25 years in Oregon and 10 years in Southern California.  Mike is a bike commuter and recreational cyclist.  He loves to “ride the strand” whenever he can.


Steve Collins

Steve has been a part of SBBC’s Board of Directors since 2011. He has also been part-owner of Hermosa Cyclery since 2002, and is a proud and incredibly active member of our board. Being a business owner himself, his role as head of our Bike Friendly Business committee has been essential in spreading the word to businesses and cyclists alike about the benefits of becoming bike friendly. Steve believes at the coalition’s core is the responsibility to act as a communicator to local government organizations and cyclists to consider new ways to keep bicyclists safe in the South Bay.



Jacob Varvarigos




David Sundius





Gila Katz







  • stephen orona

    Why does lax have only one bike rack in entire airport servicing all terminals? This rack is located at terminal one lower level arrivals.and it shouldn’t be surprised to see it completely full,it only holds about 12 bikes.As of last week, lax operations prohibited bikes in work areas, for safety and liability reasons.which is understood. But, the fact is there’s only one bike rack for customers, and employees at this major airport. Could your great organization help us employees at lax. Thank you

  • Hi Jon,

    The geographic scope of South Bay Bicycle Master Plan was limited by a few factors with a key one being scale and the resulting manageability. We reached out to many cities in our area and these seven; Gardena, Lawndale, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance were willing and able to support the master plan initiative. In short – we had to start somewhere, start with a scale that could be successful, and these are were the cities that wanted to and could sign up. Let me touch a bit more on the scale/manageability issue. This plan is a very unique endeavor; unlike master plans for other major cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, we are planning in partnership with seven different, independent municipalities. This significantly increases the number of stake holders at multiple levels. Also a key point of interest – if you look at the demographics of these seven cities I think you’ll see quite a broad socioeconomic range.

    So that is wrt to the plan itself, which while being a core focus of the group’s efforts, is not meant to convey that our interest is only in these seven cities. Our long range goal is to have the are awareness to, and the successful efforts from, this plan will act as key catalysts for broader change throughout the entire South Bay. We are starting to see that already with efforts either beginning or in discussion in PVE and Carson. We encourage and support these and other like efforts – either directly or through our partner the LA County Bicycle Coalition.

    Lastly – our intent is to be as inclusive as possible; we are here to support cycling and cyclists through the larger South Bay region. We definitely open to any constructive suggestions you can provide regarding ways to engage and support the area. We are constantly looking for activities, venues and efforts to do that. We are also looking for and frankly need folks to come and actively participate and help make that happen.

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