OCT 13| Hermosa City Council (1315 Valley Dr.) | 7pm

Some talking points that could help.

  • MONTEREY Blvd provides intercity bikeway connection from Redondo thru Hermosa to Manhattan
  • Every city that aspires to carbon neutrality has an active bikeway implementation program
  • It has been 5 1/2 years since we implemented the sharrows on Hermosa Ave.  It is time.
  • The Monterey bikeway will reduce congestion on the Strand
  • Feel free to add your own to the comments below!

These bikeways might not be approved if you don’t show your support.

Longfellow Ave and Monterey Proposed Bikeways
Hermosa City Council Meeting Agenda
Staff Report

We would really love to see you there, however if you are unable to come it will still be helpful if you write an email to any of the City Council members before the meeting talking about your support especially if you are a Hermosa resident.