On behalf of the Board of Directors of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, I am pleased to offer our support to the two-way cycle track concept being developed by your Public Works Department.   Our members have attended all the workshops, heard all the pros and cons, and as bicyclists, have carefully weighed the various approaches.   You may recall that the cycle track is part of our Seven City Bicycle Master Plan.  The preliminary concept represented therein has been extensively analyzed, expanded and engineered by the Redondo Beach engineering staff to the point where we wish to lend our strong support.

Moreover, we want to praise the efforts of your city’s staff which has enthusiastically moved forward in implementing bikeways in Redondo Beach.  You have set a very positive example for the other six cities in laying the groundwork for a more carbon neutral environment and healthful citizenry.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Hannon

President, South Bay Bicycle Coalition

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