Bikeable, Walkable, Livable!

Save the Date for Moving Planet South Bay: Saturday, September 24th at 10:00 AM

On September 24, 2011 in towns and cities all around the world people will be turning out for “Moving Planet” to demonstrate their concerns about climate change and their support for fossil-free solutions in their communities.

Here in the South Bay we have an extraordinary opportunity to embrace two ready-to-roll sustainable solutions that not only address climate change, but will also improve our health, well-being and the livability of our communities. The South Bay Bicycle Master Plan and the Vitality City Livability Plan will make our streets and neighborhoods more liveable by making them more bikeable and walkable.

We’ll demonstrate our support for the Bicycle Master Plan and Vitality City Livability Plan at a fun, free, uplifting event that will connect us with others who share our passion and interest in more livable neighborhoods, less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and giving our children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents a better way of life.

The Manhattan Beach City Council has endorsed the “Moving Planet South Bay” event and will host the event in the 13th Street Farmers Market/Metlox plaza area on Saturday, September 24th. The Hermosa Beach City Council has also endorsed “Moving Planet South Bay” and will be supporting and participating in the event.  We’re very excited to be also partnering with Vitality City, the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, Transition South Bay L.A. and the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group in planning this rally and celebration.

Please save the date for the September 24th Moving Planet South Bay event, and join in the festivities to make sure your voices are heard. If you would like to assist in the coordination of this event please contact Sona Kalapura (City’s Environmental Programs Manager), Joe Galliani (SBBC), or Carolyn Miller (Transition South Bay).

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