After nearly a year of public workshops, collarboration with our city partners and intense technical work; SBBC, LACBC and Alta are proud to present the Final Draft of the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan. 

The final draft reflects the revisions that your comments helped to shape.  Now we need your help in getting it approved in our partnering cities.  Join us at an upcoming City Council meeting to show your support or write an email to your City Council members to ask them urge them to approve this plan.  This plan’s success depends on your support in front of City Council.  So please, spread the word and help ensure that the path to plan adoption is a success!

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  • While bike plans are typically all about the details of policies, networks, signage, etc.. what the plan represents for me is a major stepping stone for our area. It is our region embracing cycling as not just a recreational or sporting activity – but as a truly viable and accepted transportation method. With approximately +230 miles of bikeway proposed in the plan – it provides a real blue print for interconnecting the people of the South Bay with their neighbors and their neighborhoods.

    Cities that have have embraced a significant improvement in the vibrancy, vitality of their cities. Livability scores, property values, local business revenues all go up -whose metrics you use – when people friendly transportation is implemented; walkable & bikeable cities and regions are just better places to live, visit and do business. It’s time to reverse the trend of having our transportation system fracture and separate us but instead to unite us!

    So – let’s get this plan approved and adopted so that we can all look forward to seeing this plan actively and aggressively implemented!

    Steve Montalto, Hermosa Beach

  • patrick moore

    I could not be ‘s more excited to see the great, visionary illustrated by the plan. It’s achievable, rational, smart, and will have a positive, healthy impact on the greater South Bay. As a long-term cyclist and cycle commuter, I’m looking forward to the chance to ride safely instead of having to fear for my life as I transit the South Bay.

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