Patch Environmental Columnist and SBBC board member, Joe Galliani (second from left) with fellow bike count volunteers and board members (left to right) Julian Katz and Jim Hannon, along with SBBC webmaster Steve Montalto at the Redondo Beach Main Library after Saturday's bike count. Credit Debra Galliani

When I bought my first bike as an adult back in 1991 the salesman at the bike shop asked me what kind of helmet I wanted.”Oh, I don’t need a helmet,” I told him. “The bicycle and other accessories are already costing me enough.”

The salesman smiled and nodded and said, “Sure, no problem.  What did you say you do?”

“I’m a writer and a creative director,” I proudly told him.

“Oh, so you use this,” he said pointing at his cranium. “To make a living.”

It only took me about a millisecond to get it and say, “Show me where those helmets are.”

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